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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  April 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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does not help, families are so angry with me if i tell them sorry it does not bring anyone . >> students returned to the university today for the first time since the deadly rampage. pictures of the seven classmate's killed serve as a reminder of what happened there 21 days ago. kate shows us how students are moving on >> still dealing with be motions of coming back here >> lucas is a teacher at oikos and his class is the only one back in session since the deadly rampage >> i think it will be hard to go into the classroom and i don't know, i think we will talk about it a little bit but we will try to move on and see how it goes >> garcia was one of the teachers who helped usher students to 63 weeks ago when students and staff members were shot to death.
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>> they have been supporting each other very well and it will be nice to see everybody together >> since the crime tape was removed school leaders have been busy trying to get to this day, putting in a new carpet and filling in bullet holes with putty. go is awaiting trial on seven counts of murder. he is a former nursing student at this school and he told cbs five exclusively that he was sorry for what he did. that is not enough for some students. the school moved to the nursing program to college in fremont >> the students clearly do not want to be at the oakland facility and i think the faculty doesn't want to be there either so our role at this point is to give them a different place to be so they're not traumatized when they go to school >> the students have not started yet. unit test is waiting for approval. the fremont school hopes the process is fast in order to move
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along the road to recovery. the school says that in grief counselors are available if students need them. they say the one room where most of the victims were shot will be closed indefinitely. >> here is a live look inside san francisco's city hall where right now the city's ethics commission is setting the ground rules in the misconduct case against suspended sherrif ross mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment last month. the hearing is expected to be slow moving. instead of a courtroom trial, written arguments will be submitted by both sides over several weeks >> there is talk tonight of shutting down one of not the most problematic prisons in california as part of an extensive downsizing plan designed to save billions of dollars but some prison personnel worry that savings could come at a cost >> the prison system has to live within its means
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>> and lack of money and a court order make it clear that the department of corrections cannot continue business as usual and for many inmates it means they will be reclassified >> we have been over classifying inmates and having them and hire security levels than necessary because not surprisingly the guards' union does not agree >> if they reclassified the inmates and reduce the number of officer positions it will be a recipe for disaster >> it will also bring 9500 inmates back in california instead of housing them out of state. the budget has ballooned to 11 percent of the general fund from only 3% 30 years ago. this plan gets them to 7.5% >> 1 court ordered requirement, reduce prison overcrowding. numbers are down because in the past six months many inmates have been moved to county jails but it is doubtful they will be able to make the cuts deep
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enough. they're hoping to convince the courts to ease up on the demands. jobs will be cut. the department calls it the least efficient we safe and leaked most costly prison in the system. statewide 6400 positions will be available over the next four years but most of that is due to attrition and the department says it will not embark on any new construction. >> if they were serious about a lot of these things, they could implement the now instead of some point in the future. >> the california department of correction says it can save the state $1.5 billion each year. >> california voters will most likely decide whether to abolish the death penalty. the secretary of state's office says that proponents of capital punishment put enough signatures on a proposal to put it on the
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november ballot. it would make life without the possibility of role the harshest punishment in california. a survey usa poll found 61 percent of voters said they would vote to keep the death penalty. 29 percent said they would vote to eliminate >> after a police response that received worldwide criticism, the oakland police department says there next response to the oakland occupied protest will be different. this morning they said new crowd control tactics would be in place during next week's planned protest. they say by the end of the month all officers will receive new training aimed at improving communication during major protests. >> what i think is critical is we're trying to build trust from the community and the oakland police department. >> at this point it looks like good public relations and i'm hoping that it means something on the ground
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>> oakland police have received more than 1000 misconduct complaints related to the occupied protest since officers first removed in october >> it would be robert ended up with no money and no gun thanks to an alert bystander. police say fuel delivery man wrestled a loaded pistol away from a woman who tried to hold up in minimart near the oakland coliseum. the woman is still on to run. >> the chp is looking for a driver who may have caused a fiery crash in oakland. burst into flames after flipping over a guard rail. the driver claims he swerved to avoid an oncoming white nissan and loss control. >> a man in a wheelchair was hit and killed by a new train this morning at the civic center station. the fire department tells us the man was waiting on the platform at the time he was hit. muni is checking surveillance cameras >> making sure your getting
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health you need in an emergency. officers and firefighters will soon be able to handle disasters with high-tech communication networks >> len ramirez on how it is taking a feature from facebook to help save lives >> the average smart phone user today has more communication firepower at their fingertips in the average police and firefighter in terms of the standard issue equipment that they have. that is changing. it police and fire emergency channels work fine on a daily basis but one major catastrophes occur like the 911 attacks or hurricane katrina, communication broke down >> faced with the unimaginable, police, fire, and ems departments arriving on the scene have to contend with
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outdated radios that did not allow them to even talk to each other. >> that is now about to change. they announced the creation of a new nationwide public safety broadband network. soon, first responders will be able to operate on their own exclusive high speed channel >> there will be airways solely dedicated to public safety >> the system will use the voluble and the block band of the radio spectrum. first responders will use special smart phones and public safety applications. much the way consumers instantly share information and photos on facebook and twitter emergency crews will use similar devices to swap mission critical informations >> this is cost savings, time savings and it really is a job creator for the valley >> greeting the network will cost upwards of $7 billion
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already allocated by congress and will complete the final recommendation of the 911 commission >> we will be saving lives with this technology. >> able to take some time to get this bill out but it should be under construction san with rural areas coming on line sometime in 10 years. >> time is running out to save your internet connection after a multimillion-dollar online scam. how to find out if you are at risk >> old use of a dirty mattress is piling up all over the bay area. the new plan to clean up the mess and why you may yet end up paying in ,,,,,,,,
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>> dirty mattresses dumped in empty lots and even in front of
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houses, this is a common sight in some bay area neighborhoods but jolie reports there is a new plan to clean up that mess >> it is illegal to dump a mattress on public property but the state senator says it is not stopping anyone. she says 5000 mattresses were dumped in oakland last year alone. >> it is a health problem. these mattresses when they are outside, attract rodents, mold, germs >> so today, standing in front of three truckloads of discarded mattresses, she proposed a solution, a bill that would force matters makers and sellers to help get them off the streets requiring them to pick up the old mattresses were contributing $25 for every mattress sold to a special fund >> it will set up a recycling program for mattresses in california very much like what we have for bottles and cans and
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electronic waste >> currently even in her neighborhood in berkeley, getting rid of a mattress can be tricky and pricey. her neighbor has been trying to get the city to pick this up for more than a week >> they told me they had to pay $250 >> one of many reasons bob tucker is behind the bill and hopes lawmakers will to >> we hope we would get from the legislature what we as consumers expect from every brand new mattress that we buy and that his firm support >> the international sleep product association says the vast majority of mattresses are properly disposed of. most cities and to offer to pick up your big households for free but they're often restrictions. for more information go to >> 300,000 americans could lose internet access this summer.
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a multimillion-dollar scam online infected customers worldwide with mao where that was discovered by the fbi. agents can not disconnect hackers servers without cutting off internet access to all the affected computers. that is happening in july so you have until then to check your computer if it is affected and it only takes a few clicks to clean it up. the fbi has set up a web site to show you how you can fix it and you can find a link on >> getting paid to quit your job >> a bay area employer offering thousands to those who leave. >> relief from debilitating migraine headaches. in tonight's healthwatch, the new guidelines that could allow millions to prevent migraines before they knock you down. >> the bart train fleet of the future.
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>> resignation rejected. the police chief who oversaw the trayvon martin shooting spree, or shooting, wants to
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step down but the city commission told him know. bill lee had been under pressure to quit since his department could not rest george zimmerman. late today the commission voted 3-2 against the resignation. the majority blames the upper, uproar on outsiders. zimmerman is now in hiding as he awaits trial on second-degree murder charges. he was released on bail late yesterday. a gps device is now cracking his every move. testimony began today in john edwards criminal trial. a key prosecution witness may have contacted other witnesses in the case to ask about their planned testimony. the former presidential candidate is accused of using campaign funds to hide is pregnant mistress during his run for the white house. >> paid to quit, one bay area counties ready to write a check
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to workers to resign. >> san mateo county it employs 5300 people. some protect the peace and others checked out books but not all will be around by the end of the year. >> we're looking at seniority and gets very complicated >> san mateo county thinks it spends too much on employees so it is planning dozens of layoffs and it plans on paying some people to leave before the layoffs began >> it provides, it involves providing employee classifications that are at risk of lead off with either $15,000 or $20,000 depending on their length of service >> maybe buy some property with it at an auction at the county building or maybe enjoy the weather they like to show off. they don't care, they just want you to exit with no questions
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asked >> to the board is committed to do whatever they can to avoid involuntary layoffs >> they would like to stop the layoffs of possible. this is really aimed at younger people who maybe want to go back to college. who will be here and you won't? that question might be answered in the next several weeks. >> ken is live with mobile 5 on board part in the east bay. today they made a key announcement about the future of its new fleet of trains. >> about 400,000 people ride on the bart system every day in the bay area and most of them are riding around in trains like this one, a 40 year-old train. they want to change that and today their staff recommended to the board that they spend $2.5
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billion on a new set of trains and they have gone with a canadian company, bob rta, which is based just over the border so i asked the general manager why go with a canadian company? >> we don't have any real car manufacturers that are here in america but the top to bidding companies build their cars in america. the canadian company builds cars in new york and they have a content of 66 percent that will be built in america. the cars are built in america and 66% content to the cars. >> so the cars will actually be made in upstate new york. they will be assembled here and that is a cost savings of $184
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million, not having a u.s. company make those but 66 percent of the parts on board will be made here in the u.s. and those will be assembled in the united states. bart says they want to take up the issue this week. the full board will be voting on this tuesday night. >> heavy wet snow blanketing parts of the northeast. more than 1 ft. of snow could fall in parts of pennsylvania and new york but just a few inches have been enough to snap tree limbs and cool down power lines leaving thousands in the dark. >> it was a much different seen in the bay area. absolutely gorgeous with a nice clear day >> the giants baseball game was postponed yesterday and they are plain to them today. we have your oakland a's
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forecast coming up but let's have outside. this is the live cbs five weather camera. we have some mid-level clouds. wind out of the west at 24 m.p.h.. currently 71 degrees in livermore after experiencing a high of 81 on sunday and 91 on saturday. if you're heading to the ballpark, game time temperature near 63 degrees but that will fall rapidly. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy skies with areas of drizzle developing after midnight. this is interesting, we see specks of green, precipitation is 6 associated with drizzle. mostly cloudy on tuesday with
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late afternoon sunshine. in developing late cold front off the coast and with the wind it will throw some rain into the forecast. that will occur on wednesday but until then, the pollen count remains on the high side. '50s and '60s at the beach is the seventies across the santa clara valley. no. 8 temperatures up to 72 and the extended forecast, we have the rain shower back in the forecast. we will set the stage for a gorgeous weekend,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> new guidelines could provide relief for millions of migraine headache sufferers >> there is now listed medication and treatment to help prevent the debilitating headaches. jessica rodriguez has been suffering from migraines since it was a teenager. >> like a railroad train running right through you >> she used to get them for about five times per month but has a mother she could not afford to let them slow or down >> i used to just shut down and go to sleep for a few days but now i can't >> doctors put her on a daily dose of medicine to stop the migrants before they start as part of a new preventive guideline from the american academy of neurology >> when patients do go on these medications it decreases the frequency and severity of the headache by about 15% >> guidelines say that other seizure medications can be used to prevent migraines. as cancer and beta blockers and
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over the counter anti- inflammatories including ibuprofen. >> but we think the medication does is dampen down the brain's ability to generate >> experts caution that even over-the-counter medications have side effects of consult your doctor before you start any treatment. >> it really did help the headaches allot >> now she has more time and energy for her boys. an estimated 36 million americans suffer from migraines. preventive measures would help about 40 percent of those who have for them frequently but very few currently use them. experts say if you have frequent migraines that you'd leave unchecked, they will become more frequent at which point it becomes much more difficult to treat.
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. at&t workers say they were locked out after showing up because of a sticker. the three letter message that some say went too far. it is a job that never ends, we talked to the people to put that bright coats of paint on the golden gate bridge. >> do you know the name of the color? >>


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